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O'Connor's Federal Rules * Civil Trials 2014

O'Connor's Federal Rules * Civil Trials 2014

By Michael C. Smith
Update frequency: Annually
Free update period: 60 days before next edition is released
Format: Softbound portable book
Dimensions: 7.5" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1-59839-180-0
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O'Connor's Federal Rules * Civil Trials 2014 answers almost any federal-procedure question in minutes, with expert commentary in plain English. It includes annotated Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, annotated Federal Rules of Evidence, and much more.
  • Become a procedure expert in minutes. Simple to use, whether you’re researching in the office or arguing in the courtroom. Information is presented in a logical order.
  • File with confidence. Explains all the procedural issues—from the mundane to the most complex—in straightforward, plain English and provides quick answers to common questions about pleading and motion practice.
  • Stay on top of new developments in discovery, including e-discovery. Includes a chapter dedicated to the procedures for discovering and protecting paper documents, electronically stored information, tangible things, and more.
  1. Introduction—Rules for filing, service, hearings, and preserving error
  2. Plaintiff’s Lawsuit—Including injunctions and declaratory judgments
  3. Defendant’s Responses & Pleadings—Defendant’s answer and all FRCP 12(b) motions
  4. Removal & Remand—Removal to federal court and remand to state court
  5. Pretrial Motions—Including pretrial conference and motions for continuance, recusal, and Daubert hearing
  6. Discovery—Comprehensive discovery coverage, including discovery about and from experts and e-discovery
  7. Disposition Without Trial—Nontrial disposition, including default and summary judgment
  8. The Trial—Covering trial procedure from jury selection to final argument
  9. The Judgment—Motion to enter judgment, the judgment, and costs and attorney fees
  10. Postjudgment Motions—Covering all motions challenging the judgment
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (annotated)

FRCP Appendix of Forms

Supplemental Rules—Admiralty & Maritime Claims

Multidistrict Litigation Rules

Federal Rules of Evidence (annotated)

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure

FRAP Appendix of Forms

Advisory Committee Notes to Rules

United States Code – Title 28

U.S. Constitution

The Hague Convention on Service Abroad

The Hague Convention on Taking Evidence Abroad



Charts and Examples
  • Deadline – Filing or Service?
  • Computing Deadlines to Respond
  • Place of Compliance Under FRCP 45
  • Rule Interpleader vs. Statutory Interpleader
  • Diversity Jurisdiction
  • Summary of Defendant’s Responses & Pleadings
  • Specific Jurisdiction
  • General Jurisdiction
  • Diversity Jurisdiction for Removal
  • Degrees of Relationship
  • Examples of Judicial Notice of Adjudicative Facts
  • Methods of Discovery
  • Modifying Discovery Procedures & Limits
  • Pursuing an Adverse Ruling
  • Postjudgment Motions
  • Pleadings and Pretrial-Motions Schedule
  • Pretrial Disclosures & Conferences
  • Discovery Status Sheet
  • Removal & Remand
  • Temporary Restraining Order & Injunction
  • Request to Clerk for Default Judgment
  • Motion to Court for Default Judgment
  • Summary Judgment
  • Appeal of Civil Trial
New in the 2014 edition:
  • Recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCPs), Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure.
  • Revisions to the subchapter on subpoenas to reflect the significant amendments to FRCP 45, including a new chart summarizing the places of compliance with a subpoena.
  • Recent circuit opinions interpreting a corporation’s principal place of business using the “nerve center” test.
  • The Supreme Court’s recent Standard Fire Ins. v. Knowles decision, discussing whether under the Class Action Fairness Act, a class representative can use a precertification stipulation to cap damages below $5 million and defeat federal jurisdiction.
  • A new discussion on 28 U.S.C. §1919, which allows costs to be awarded when a suit is dismissed for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction.
  • The Supreme Court’s recent Atlantic Mar. Constr. Co. v. U.S. Dist. Ct. for the W. Dist. of Tex. decision, discussing the proper procedural mechanism for enforcing a forum-selection clause.
  • The Supreme Court’s recent Comcast Corp. v. Behrend and Amgen Inc. v. Connecticut Ret. Plans & Trust Funds decisions, discussing the predominance requirement for motions for class certification filed under FRCP 23(b)(3).
  • A new discussion of the implied requirement of a definable and clearly ascertainable class for motions for class certification.
  • The Supreme Court’s recent American Express Co. v. Italian Colors Rest. decision, discussing class-action waivers in arbitration agreements.
  • The Supreme Court’s recent Oxford Health Plans LLC v. Sutter decision, discussing when an arbitration decision can be vacated under 9 U.S.C. §10(a)(4).
  • The Supreme Court’s recent Marx v. General Revenue Corp. decision, discussing the presumption that prevailing parties are entitled to costs.