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If you own a current edition of any of the O’Connor’s books listed below, you’re eligible to download the forms immediately. Enter your e-mail address and unique key-code found on the inside back cover of your book. You will then be guided through a simple registration process and your forms will be downloaded to your computer.

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If you don’t own a current edition of a book listed below, but you want electronic
versions of the forms in the book, you must first purchase the printed edition. Click the Order Now button to the right and you will be directed to our online store, or call
1-800-OCONNOR to speak with a customer service representative.

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The following books include electronic forms available for download:
  • Texas Civil Appeals
  • Texas Causes of Action Pleadings
  • Texas Real Estate Forms
  • Texas Civil Forms
  • Federal Civil Forms

For information about multi-user licenses, please contact us at 1-800-OCONNOR.